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Our New Website Launch Offer

£5,000 Digital Marketing Support for FREE

You’re hard-wired to do good, right? And you’ve already got an idea that can benefit our Ummah, but you just need a bit of help to get started?

As part of our launch campaign, we’re giving the first ten deserving projects a chance to access free digital marketing worth £5000. All you need to do is raise the first 60%

How it works

Create a campaign on FundAmal

Setup your campaign with a minimum target of £10,000 or more. Here’s how.

We’re also available to help answer your questions and provide the support you need to create the best possible page to make an impact. Be creative and be clear about the project. Make use of images to support your campaign. You can start by following our comprehensive guide here. You will need to have a realistic fundraising target of how much you’ll need to raise and ensure you can deliver the project. Give details about how the funds will be utilised.

Promote your campaign page

Show us you’re serious. Get out and start promoting to your friends, family and wider network. Use the social media channels as well as WhatsApp and Telegram and ask your contacts to forward it to others. We’ll track your progress and share your work too. As soon as you hit 60% or more of your fundraising campaign, our free offer kicks in!

Post regular updates

Keep coming back to your campaign page and keep your supporters in the loop by providing updates and progress. Achieve 60% of your fundraising target and claim this marketing offer. Most people find that the hardest part of a crowdfunding campaign is reaching out to a wider community after you’ve exhausted your own networks. This is where we can help you.

What we’ll do:

  1. We work with an experienced partner, Hendrix Media to create beautiful emails and digital ads focused exclusively on your campaign.
  2. We’ll pay for your emails out to go out to up to 700,000 UK Based Muslims.
  3. We’ll set up and pay for Digital Ad campaigns across the Google and Facebook networks
  4. We’ll monitor and report on progress, make recommendations and keep pushing your campaign

3 easy steps:

Example for £10,000 fundraising target:

  • Set up a campaign for a minimum fundraising target of £10,000
  • Achieve £6,000
  • We’ll help you raise that last £4,000

So why do we need you to raise the first 60%?

Because we want to know you’re serious and are making every effort yourself, and because we simply don’t have the capacity to make this offer available to every project. At least not for now.

We’re looking forward to seeing and supporting some great new ideas insha’Allah. Don’t delay, get started straight away. Offer ends 31st January 2020.

The FundAmal team have committed to promoting 5 exceptional projects every month, using our own time and resources. If you believe your project is the bees-knees and deserves to be one of our Five Featured Campaigns of the month, persuade us!

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