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Our Ramadan Gift to You – 0% fees

FundAmal is a Muslim crowdfunding platform set up to help individuals, small charities or friends and family networks to raise funds for projects you really care about.

Read more about why you should start a crowdfunding campaign here.

It’s effortless to get started, and you can set up a project within minutes, and build extraordinary legacies by sharing your project and ideas with the Muslim community.

You may know that this Ramadan, Muslims in the UK are expected to donate over £300m, so this is your chance to achieve your charitable ambitions and make a difference to our Ummah.

As a special gift for you this Ramadan, we’re going to refund all our platform fees to anyone who achieves their funding targets or gets 100 people to donate to their campaign.

There’s no catch: you only have to set up your campaign between now and the first day of Ramadan. That’s it.

FundAmal is the meeting place for Muslims who want to change the world. Our goal is to bring Muslims together so we can support life-changing causes, spread good and further our community.

“And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.” (2:195)

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