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Three cousins, Misbah, Aisha & Zainab, are fundraising to build a mosque for a poor community in Gambia, with the intention of Sadaqah Jariah. Please support them.



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Uthman ibn Affan reported: The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said,

Whoever builds a mosque for Allah, Allah will build for him/her a house in Paradise.” Sahih Al Bukhari

Please support our fundraising campaign to build a mosque for a poor community in Gambia.

We have found a very small community on the outskirts of Banjul which doesn’t have a functioning mosque nearby. The nearest masjid is about 1 mile away so most of the people of this community often miss some of the five daily prayers especially Fajr and Isha due to the distance. This mosque will enable all these surrounding communities to perform salaat especially Jumu’ah and Fajr salaat with a congregation. This will be an amazing Sadqah Jariah project and the reward will be endless.

The settlement is new and poverty here is very high. Nearly 99% of the people leaving in this village are from a poor background. Their only means of survival is home gardening, petty trade, and seasonal farming during the rainy season. Education is next to nothing and there are no existing schools in the area. The only school is over 3 miles away from the village, meaning children from the village need to walk the distance if they want to attend. Therefore, the mosque will serve as a place of education as well.

The Imam and other students of knowledge would have the opportunity to do dawah before and after maghrib and Isha prayers which will help the community to learn the essential knowledge to practice their faith including Quran, Seerah of the prophet (pbuh), Fiqh, etc.

The proposed mosque provides a suitable single storey building for performing religious rituals and prayer in one place that strengthens social ties among people, promotes awareness, exchanges of public and religious information, exchanges of experiences among them, spreading good morals through religious lessons and lectures, and strengthening social relations among the village members and reducing crime rates.

The mosque will benefit over 2000 people in the area.  

This project provides a mosque, a school, supports dawah and lifts the community. The rewards will insha’Allah be immense.

Please donate generously and help us complete this mosque. Thank you in advance.

Misbah, Aisha & Zainab


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