Challenging Islamophobia in Politics

Challenging Islamophobia in politics through proactive advocacy and campaigning

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Less than 6 months since its founding, the MCB’s Public Affairs team has led on the delivery of multiple campaigns and high-level interventions – be it the General Election 2019 ‘Register To Vote’ campaign, submissions of entire dossiers detailing Islamophobia in political parties, or indeed the delivery of our rapid COVID-19 Response campaign (see MCB’s COVID-19 Response campaign page). We can and must continue to do more. Your support will allow for us to grow our small team, expand our capacities to engage politicians and policy makers on the issue of Islamophobia and, ultimately, increase the number of formal interventions we make in this vein. Help us challenge Islamophobia today!

Equality & Human Rights Commission

Documenting Islamophobia in the Conservative Party

The Muslim Council of Britain first reported the Conservative Party to the EHRC in May 2019. It provided evidence of Islamophobia and anti-Islam remarks from 150 Party members. The EHRC has thus far failed to respond to the Muslim Council of Britain and has given no indication as to whether it intends to investigate.


The MCB renewed its call to the Equality and Human Rights Commission (EHRC) to investigate the Conservative Party over allegations of Islamophobia on the 5th of March 2020. The call was accompanied by an updated dossier of Islamophobic incidents involving over 300 individuals, including councillors and party members, new MPs and even Number 10 special advisers.

Read the MCB’s full submission to the EHRC

Since becoming Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has made a number of strong statements against Islamophobia and against the tolerance of Islamophobia in the Conservative Party. He has claimed the Party has a “zero tolerance approach… we have one bounce and we deal with it approach to this.” The Party has also separately confirmed anti-Islam comments “have no place in society”. Unfortunately, this does not appear to be the case, with scores of incidents showing a pattern of behaviour ignoring complaints of Islamophobia and allowing those found to have engaged in Islamophobia to retain their membership, and often, their elected positions. We must, therefore, continue to engage this in a robust manner if we are to affect change.

MCB Public Affairs

The MCB established a dedicated Public Affairs department in September 2019; comprising of a small team of Public Affairs professionals, with a breadth of experience across political and cultural communications, advocacy and campaigns. Within the remit of this highly specialised team is the challenging of Islamophobia as and when it appears in the political realm – MCB Public Affairs strives to do this whilst engaging politicians and policy makers from across the political spectrum in a robust, proactive and constructive manner.

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