COVID-19 – A Community Working Together

We need your urgent support to highlight our communities response to the current crisis.

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The Truth is Unravelling. Or is it?

People’s lives have been turned upside down, some have grieved, others have found peace but there are still stories across the UK that are yet to be told.

This is a message for an urgent appeal for crowd funding in order to make sure those stories from our communities are not buried before we’ve even had a chance to read them but are raised, known and documented for the worth that they deserve.

Many stories will not be told, those that have been briefly mentioned haven’t come from within their own communities, instead those voices have been stifled.

Our response at Pixeleyed Pictures has been to provide frontline coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic all over the UK which highlights our forgotten heroes from the Muslim and wider community.

“In the last five years, we have seen a very steep rise in hatred, misunderstanding, which has boiled over into violence.”

With a biased news coverage that sidelines particular communities, we are in danger of sweeping over the good work and hard efforts from so many that deserve recognition.

If we allow that, we feed into the dangerous narrative that one community is better than another, igniting friction, creating distrust and shaking our peaceful neighbourhoods.

We need to understand each other, we need to know our neighbours and the stories of selfless acts, generosity and also the struggles as we have all been affected by Coronavirus.

“Studies done on Islamophobia in America show that within a ten year period, a number of major philanthropists and others have given over $200 million to groups that are anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant” 

We simply cannot allow this type of hatred to create division in society in the UK, our most powerful tool being united in supporting fair media coverage.

Unfortunately, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we’ve had to stop our projects and hold back the release of our ‘Error in Terror’ campaign, an initiative using the visual medium to ‘deter individuals from carrying out acts of violence and guide them away from the dark paths of extremism and terrorism.’

We decided that it’s crucial in the current times to showcase the heartfelt community work being carried out by those on the frontline during this crisis, individuals and businesses making PPE for the NHS, charities that are helping to pay for funerals for families living on the breadline and companies that have put everything aside to deliver food boxes to the needy.

Our Mission 

We have been on the Frontline every single day since meeting and documenting the amazing work done by community organisations, key workers and individuals helping society in its hour of need.

Our goal is to exhibit the under-reported and often hidden work being carried out all over the country by people frequently using their own means, sometimes at great personal cost and risk whilst flying in the face of the image portrayed in the mainstream media which is Islamophobic and stereotypical.

A Community Working Together

What better way than to turn the cameras on how Muslims and non-Muslims are collaborating within their communities to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and control the narrative by not sitting on the back bench. Our communities deserve more and cohesion is crucial.

The Future

When all this is over, we will continue to serve our communities all over the UK by dedicating time to promote the positive work of a monumental new force of collaboration.

Our vision is to form one of the first media teams not subject to divisive narratives. You’ll find us at the forefront of the battle against Islamophobia and amongst other forms of hatred, to engage in showing the sincerity and faith we have together in British life to become a truly United Kingdom.



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Rizwan Wadan

Pinewood Studios, South East England, United Kingdom