Restore the public perception of Islam. Invest in this groundbreaking dawah project.

This is your opportunity to be a part of a pioneering initiative, which will change the public perception of Islam.

Don’t miss your opportunity to be one of the pioneers.

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Peace be upon you.

We are Pixeleyed Pictures.

A BFI award winning film production company is working at the highest level in the filming industry, with credits on films such as Star Wars, The Favourite, Disney’s Artemis Fowl to name a few.

We’re using our knowledge, experience and resources to tackle the rising Islamophobic narratives:

Watch us in action:

We aim to tackle the misconceptions that are widely held across the Nation, which are the root cause of hatred and division within our society.


By screening one of the most powerful films ever created, we are separating Islamic teachings and principles from being associated with extremism and terrorism.

Help change the way Islam is perceived.

Watch the feedback we received from the community:

We aim to travel across the UK stopping in areas where tensions are high, where there are divisions, and in rural areas where the locals have not had the chance to talk openly about the concerns they may have about Islam and Muslims.

The positive impact of our interactions will be shared online, with the regional and local media which will help us reach the masses Inshaa’Allah.

BBC Midlands News Report:

This will change the perception of hundreds of thousands of people across the Nation Inshaa’Allah.


The film and media industry worldwide has been used by some to belittle and denigrate, systematically presenting Islam and Muslim to be a problem.

How can we allow this to continue if we consider our faith to be the truth?

It is our obligation to protect our amazing faith – Islam

Since the beginning of the call over 1440 years ago, Islam, Muslims and The Beloved Messenger Of Allah (SAW) have been vilified and abused.

For years, many have worked tirelessly to advance and protect our amazing faith, however the community have neglected the importance of investing in the media.

Alhamdulillah we now have a very powerful opportunity to support a skilled, hardworking, dedicated team of filmmakers that will help shape a positive image of Islam and Muslims in the mainstream media Inshaa’Allah.


I’ve been working for almost 10 years to fulfil my vision to present Islam and Muslims to the wider Non-Muslim audience to the highest cinematic standards.

I’ve been recognised within the filming industry for my contribution as one of the innovators of camera stabilisation technologies, I have taken 3 years out of my career to create this initiative.

Some of the most respected companies and individuals have appreciated my sacrifice and have supported me to turn my vision into reality.

Here are some of our supporters:

Watch one of our supporters, Peter Biziou BSC Academy Award winning cinematographer, who shot Mississippi Burning, Monty Python and The Truman Show:

“If you don’t like the Image of Islam and Muslims on the screens, then you have to support the people who are working behind the scenes to change it Inshaa’Allah.”

We’ve been selected as community business of the year at Islam Channels 2020 awards for our commitment to unite our communities and giving back by supporting other initiatives.

What is needed?

We need £120,000 to fund a 20 city tour across the UK where our interactions and reactions will be captured on camera.

The positive impact of our interactions will be shared online and with the regional and local media, which will help us reach the masses Inshaa’Allah.

We will change the perception of hundreds of thousands of people across the Nation Inshaa’Allah.

We need 1200 amazing people to invest your Zakat and Sadaqah into this amazing Dawah project.

Help us to change the hearts and minds of our Nation – This will Inshaa’Allah be a Sadaqah Jaariya for us all.

Allah says in Fussilat 41:33:

And who is better in speech than the one who invites to Allah and spreads righteousness and says, “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.”

Don’t let this great opportunity pass by, click the link and make a donation of a £100 or more, and please do share this link with your friends and families and across your social media.

May Allah reward you for your support.

Get in touch.

You can contact me directly on the link below.

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Become one of the pioneers of this groundbreaking project, JazakAllah khairan.

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