Distribution of kits against the COVID-19 pandemic

Carrying out wide awareness of the population of the District of Bamako through various channels to reduce the pandemic in the capital which records the high rate of contamination.

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Commune IV and V of the District of Bamako, Mali

The Malian population is 80% illiterate and today we are 47 cases of infected people and with a population of more than 20 million, the catastrophe is to come.

Faced with the pandemic of this disease, the Malian population needs a broad awareness of this disease, that is to say the symptoms of the disease, the consequences, the methods of prevention.

This awareness will be raised in villages, hamlets where the population knows absolutely nothing about the disease.

A team of 90 young people with health workers will be trained by the department of the ministry of health, and will go to the villages to provide information on the procedures to be followed, the distribution of the kits to the population.

The kits will be made up of hand washing devices, gels, masks, gangs in quantity and quality.

It is very urgent to support this very poor Malian population and the government of Mali does not have the means to assist the entire population.

The Muslims of Mali need you during this COVID-19 pandemic and the number is increasing every day.

Radio being a channel of mass communication, we count thanks to influential religious leaders to convey the message to the faithful Moslems but also health specialists will pass to convey the information necessary for the prevention of the disease.

Composed of more than 95% of Muslims, Mali is a very poor country.

In 2019, Mali has a per capita GDP of $ 934, or a gross domestic product of $ 17.83 billion for 20 million inhabitants. The rate of the population living below the poverty line reached 41.1% in 2009, according to the latest data recorded by the World Bank.
• GDP per capita in 2019: $ 934
• 2019 GDP: $ 17.83 billion
• 2019 population: 20 million inhabitants

Dear Muslim brothers and sisters, please help Mali which will be beyond the days to come, we are sure of it.

Innocent and innocent people are in danger and they have nothing to protect themselves or to treat themselves and without your support, many people will be contaminated because here the markets are open, people travel and can contaminate themselves without wanting to.

It is therefore very urgent to come to the aid of the Malian population and be sure that you will be blessed.

The rate of contamination is very high in the District of Bamako this is why our action will be centered on two communes and with the private radios all the population of Bamako will be sensitized. We have specialists on effective hand washing that many people are unaware of.

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