Ecuador Dawah Kitchen

Support our dawah efforts through a soup kitchen in Ecuador to orphans and very poor children.

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, Ecuador

A team of da’ees have been working with new Muslim communities in Mexica, Cuba and Ecuador to provide support, welfare and education for many years. Alhamdulillah, with your support, the communities have been slowly growing but we need more resources.

We are working with a indigenous community in Ecuador, Quichua speaking. We have established a community kitchen there to feed 70 children, mostly orphans and all very poor. The children in need just in that community are around 300.

The indigenous people of Inca heritage are people of fitra and our work will insha’Allah be a door through which the hearts of these people will be softened and Islam will spread through the region. Since we started our work, many have enquired about Islam and many have taken shahada Alhamdulillah.


The feeding of one child cost just 40 pounds per month. With your support, we can expand our work because the need and the potential is huge.

Please join us and benefit from the immense barakah for inviting people to Islam combined with feeding orphans and the poor.

Ecuador Dawah

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