Install a handpump in Bihar, for the poorest Muslims in India

Please help to provide clean safe water to the most vulnerable people in Bihar, a state of India.

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The Messenger of Allah was asked, “Which charity is best?” He replied, “Providing water”’. [Sunan Abu Dawud]

MC Fund has been tirelessly working to improve the lives of the poor and hungry children and vulnerable people in Bihar West Bengal, Kolkata.

An area where the most widespread problems are hunger and malnutrition, typically from slums, tribal and rural areas. According to recent research figures, around 40% of the states’ population lives below the poverty line. The situation has recently worsened as a result of the new citizenship law and conditions now are dire.

We are also installing water wells which will serve an entire village of with fresh clean drink water in an extremely poor area. This makes a huge impact and means people don’t die from water-borne diseases or have the need to travel for miles to find clean water.

£150 pays for a handpump and provides clean water to around 60 families.

£600 pays for a larger water well serving around 200 families and is installed near a Masjid

Water is essential for survival both for drinking and to maintain cleanliness and your donation will make a massive difference to the lives of many and serves as a great Sadaqa Jaria project.


Your hand pump will be strategically placed to make a massive impact in areas where there is no clean water to drink or they have to travel far to get the water.

Safe clean drinking water is a necessity which many of us take for granted without which communities are impacted considerably.

Please help us to support the people of Bihar.




Installed handpump providing clean water 60 families

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Large tube well located near a masjid, serving up to 200 families.

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