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Please help your Muslim sister’s family at a difficult time. Me and my children are in a desperate situation and need your support to get us out of this.

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Assalamu Alaikum

Jazakallah khair for reading my fundraising page.

You are all my Muslim brothers and sisters and I just don’t know who else to ask because I have exhausted all the welfare charities and service providers who normally provide support in situations like ours. Me and my children are in a desperate situation and need your support to get us out of this.

My story

I was 19 years old at the time and was studying at university. With so much pressure mounting up on me with my dad’s serious illness, I ended up succumbing to the pressure.

My fiancé requested me to sign up to a 12-month rental agreement for a 2-bedroom flat. I naively signed up to the rental agreement. A few days after my marriage, I was requested to support my husband’s short-term visa status by helping him to convert it to a long term the marital visa stay (Leave to Remain in the UK). Once my husband was granted a 12 month Leave to Remain in the UK on the ground of marrying a British citizen, his work restrictions were lifted and a week later I was told that he’d landed a job based on a construction site outside of London. After discovering I was pregnant, I convinced my husband that I would need my family around me throughout my pregnancy. This suited my husband as he had already secured a place to stay and had always intended to move outside London. He agreed to visit me once a week while he trained up at the construction site. As the rental agreement was in my name, I was liable for the mounting arrears. I surrendered the privately rented flat in exchange for a more affordable temporary council accommodation offered to me by the local council after the birth of my baby.

During his weekly visits, my husband was most unhappy with the surrender of the private flat as it was much more presentable, attractive and spacious compared to the temporary studio flat I was offered by the council. He was so upset that he physically assaulted me and broke all the furniture including the TV that my family had so lovingly gifted me just a few days before his visit. I was so upset and one of the neighbours called the police. Everything was broken, he was arrested, and I was required to attend a local magistrates court to explain what took place. I was broken into pieces and hurt, but my baby was safe. I was awarded costs for damage to my household items and my husband was released on a conditional discharge (18 months). He didn’t re-offend in these 18 months.

I later discovered that he had invited both his mother and unmarried sister to join him from Pakistan and they had been living with him in a place he was residing outside London.
I separated from my husband. When my child was around 6 years old, my husband’s job at the construction site outside London came to an end because the site closed. I was soon offered a shared ownership scheme by the council if I were to surrender the council flat in exchange for a 25% grant to purchase my own private home. As a working single parent, it was incredibility. I was never offered any financial support by my husband since the time I was married to him.

After moving into my new home, my husband’s behaviour changed for the better and he needed a place to stay in London more than ever. I didn’t allow him to stay with us, but he convinced that he had changed and realised he was wrong to treat me the way that he did before. I was then asked to help his sister (who was pregnant at the time) while she applied for a council accommodation. The help I was asked give was to accommodate both his sister and her husband in my home. I didn’t agree to this and so my husband reacted in a similar way as before. I asked him to leave my home and filed for a civil divorce. I later discovered I had fallen pregnant with my second child and after I disclosed this to my husband during the divorce proceedings, he denied paternity. This was most upsetting. Shortly afterwards, I applied for an islamic divorce through a UK Shariah Council and was granted an islamic divorce (khula) about a year later. I remarried a few years later and now have a third child aged 2.

A few months after remarrying, I receive a letter from a local county court advising me that my former husband has started civil divorce proceedings. I wrote to the court to explain that I was already divorced. The case file was then transferred to a family court, and so, more legal costs mounted because the original divorce file was then ordered to be taken out of storage.

A hearing was held in a family court last year where my former husband swore on the Holy Quran that he was supposed to be co-owner as he was a joint tenant on the council flat prior to the shared ownership deal. A further hearing was then scheduled at family court to review the original paperwork from the divorce file. Further costs mounted in obtaining decade old paperwork from the council to prove that I was the sole tenant on the council flat before the shared ownership deal. By now, I had to resort to taking out a pay day loan to bridge my legal representation fees and court fees for the next hearing where it was mandatory for me to attend just like the previous one. The next hearing was adjourned due to a fire alarm, but my legal representatives were successful in securing a court order where my former husband was ordered to pay for my wasted legal fees.

The final hearing (and 3rd hearing) was held just before Christmas last year and it was decided that my former husband’s claims were untrue. Since that day and today, me and my current husband have worked so hard in repaying back the pay loans and bridging loans from friends and family that I had to take on to prove my case.

The costs order owed to me remains unpaid and I can’t take debt recovery action as the family court does not issue ‘sealed writs’ like they do in civil courts. I’ve exhausted myself going round and round in circles to have the costs order transferred up to a civil court for me to take debt recovery action. Now with the Covid19 situation, we currently don’t have enough money for essentials like nappies or children’s clothing and footwear. We need your help to rebuild our lives and return to normality. Any amount will make a difference and all the funds will be used for essentials like nappies or children’s clothing and footwear and if any surplus on food and clothes for the family.

Please help your Muslim sister’s family at a difficult time. The Prophet (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said:

“Whoever removes a grief from a believer from amongst the sorrows of this life, Allah will remove a grief from him amongst the sorrows of the Day of Resurrection. Whoever brings ease to one in difficulty, Allah will make it easy for him in this life and the Hereafter.” [Sahih Muslim]

Jazakallah Khair for reading my page.

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