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We need your support to help the vulnerable in Syria this Ramadan.


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With the effects of the COVID-19 virus, the results may be a loss of life which is having a major impact on millions of people who are struggling to feed themselves in the refugee camps. In addition, the old and vulnerable people’s immune systems have been systematically worn down by the violence and years of conflict.

You have the power to change the life of a family who have no home and no future. Imagine MILLIONS of people being forced out of their homes, killed, raped, and losing their family members just because of where they live.

Our aim is to provide support with nutritious food packs to the Muslims this Ramadan. The food packs contain essential items such as flour, oil, lentils, rice, tomato puree, sugar and much more essential items.

All our food packs are sourced locally with a cost of £35.00. Please donate whatever you can, every penny helps.

We at aid humanity work on a 100% donation policy, where every penny used on the cause, all our flights and hotel expenses are covered by the trustees and volunteers.



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