Help us Restore Europe’s Biggest Muslim Library

As Muslims we should encourage students of knowledge and what better way than to support this cause.

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Markfield, United Kingdom (UK)

Since it was established in 1995 the Markfield library collection has grown to over 40,000 volumes of important works in English, Arabic, Urdu and other world languages.  These are essential resources used by academics and researchers from all around the world.

With its rich collection of books, journals and documents, the library is widely recognized as among the largest private Islamic libraries in Europe. The library has a large selection of very valuable, wide-ranging titles on the major branches of Islamic knowledge as well as books on Islam and the West and inter-faith dialogue. About 40,000 volumes are currently housed in the library. This collection includes a number of important works in Arabic, Urdu and other world languages.

The library also has an excellent selection of journals and periodicals on Islam, the Muslim world and other faiths and cultures. Equally, it has a world-class collection of books, documents and other materials on Islamic Economics. Apart from printed materials, the library also houses a rich slide bank of ancient and modern Islamic architecture from around the world, and a video and audio collection. The library is working on establishing an online interface of its catalogue, and a digital library (Islamic Foundation Digital Library – IFDL). Work is also in progress to establish distance learning facilities, especially for overseas students of the MIHE.

Used by researchers and academics from all over the world. 40,000 plus books and a rich archive of journals.

The library is open to all, it’s something that one day our children will be able to use and benefit from.  Come and visit. It is a crucial asset to the student body of the Markfield Institute and for those visiting the campus. A legacy that requires some care and consideration from the community. We plan to invest in the library’s lighting and heating to make a more comfortable environment for those attending the library. BA and MA students often spending hours at a time researching for their degrees will be the recipients of your kind and generous help.

As Muslims we should encourage students of knowledge and what better way than to support this cause.

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We want to upgrade the reading area to make it more comfortable for students and researchers who often spend hours pouring over books.rnWith your donation we can install modern seating in the library reading area.

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