Idlib Emergency Appeal

The people of Idlib are under attack again and need your urgent support now. Act now to save lives!

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Idlib, Syria

The recently agreed ceasefire in Syria has been broken and the people of Idlib are under attack again causing widespread displacement of tens of thousands of civilians in the region. Thousands of others are reportedly waiting for the bombardment to ease allowing them to move.

Hundreds of thousands have been displaced and are in urgent need of shelter and there is a severe shortage of food and fuel further worsening the vulnerability of our brothers and sister in need during the current extreme cold.

The people urgently need our humanitarian help, particularly shelter, food, health, clothing and heating.

A donation of just £300 will save lives!

The £300 emergency shelter package contains an emergency housing unit, 2 mattresses, 4 blankets, a carpet, a heater, heater fuel, 50kg food pack for a month and winter clothes for the whole family.

We have already started our distribution to the most vulnerable families and need many more.

Please make at least one or more donation on behalf of your whole family if you are able to. Any amount will still make a massive difference.

Allah tells us that “Whoever saved a life it would be as if he saved the life of the whole humanity.” Quran 5:32


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Emergency food and clean water.

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Blankets, warm clothing and boots for a family.

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Emergency Family Shelter Pack. Containing an emergency housing unit, mattresses, blankets, a heater, heater fuel, food pack for a month and winter clothes.

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