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ICN has and always will be supported by donors like yourselves. Please keep supporting ICN today as you have been in the past.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK)

The Islamic Centre Nottingham is the first purpose-built Masjid and Madrasah in Nottingham and has been serving the spiritual and educational needs of the Muslim community since 1976.

It now accommodates more than 1000 worshippers, many of whom attend from surrounding areas.

Due to the Corona Virus crisis, all daily congregational prayers, jummah prayers, classes, activities and local school visits have been halted. Daily children and adult classes are now being continued online. However, donations and funding are still required for the running, upkeep and maintenance of the masjid. The masjid still has to pay monthly bills and salaries to their staff who also have families to provide for.

The centre is also providing ghusl facilities for Muslim brothers and sisters who are passing away due to the COVID-19 virus. For this to continue we require urgent funding to be able to purchase essential equipment, such as: PPE equipment, sanitisation materials, cleaning equipment etc.

We would request our Muslim brothers and sisters to open their hearts and donate generously as sadaqah jarriyah (ongoing charity) and assist the masjid and our local Muslim community during this crisis period.

The Prophet Muhammad (sallalaho alaihi wa salam) said:

When a person dies, all their deeds end except three: a continuing charity, beneficial knowledge and a child who prays for them.” [Muslim]

ICN acts as a hub for the local community and offers many services and facilities including:

  • Daily Salah
  • Juma
  • Janazah
  • Monthly courses
  • Matrimonial service
  • Quranic classes for children and adults
  • and much more Insha’Allah.

Please continue to support your Masjid by making your Sadaqah Jarriyya donation today.

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Islamic Centre Nottingham

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