Karimia ‘ZAKAH FUND’ Appeal 2020

Karimia Institute needs your Zakah and donations to continue its Dawah projects and spread the message of peace!

‘UK Charity of the Year 2020’ (BMFA 2020)

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK)


“Take Zakah from their wealth and purify them through it”. (At-Tauba 9:103)

‘Increase your reward this Ramadan and make a difference, make your ZAKAH count!’

The Karimia Institute is engaged in Dawah, preaching and teaching of Islam, preparing the leadership of Muslims in Britain, and spreading the Message of Islam. Please support our work and send your Zakah to us.

Giving Zakah purifies your wealth & refines your character.

1- Support new Muslims project

Not enough is being done to identify needs and provide support for those interested in and new to Islam. We provide ‘social & educational programmes’, ‘Quranic Arabic & Islamic courses’ and ‘Advice, support and counselling services’.

We have established a weekly females only network support programme & a mixed gender monthly revert programme. Required – £3000

2-Promote Awareness, Dialogue & Trust

The Trust Building Forum aims to promote trust among British Muslims and the wider society through the shared British values of mutual respect, individual liberties, care and love for neighbours. This is done by ‘Presenting the message of peace and harmony that Muslims live by’ and ‘Listening to the concerns of our audience and creating a safe forum for them to ask difficult questions’. Required – £4000

3- Give for training future Imams and teachers

The Imams play a crucial role in the community as teachers & spiritual guides. We propose to provide : ‘Continuous professional development of Imams’, ‘Set up a National Centre for the development of the Quran school’ and ‘Training for Quran school teachers.

We have provided training on our curriculum in Nottingham, Coventry, Walsall, High Wycombe, Stoke On Trent, Birmingham and London. Required – £8000

5 Easy ways to pay YOUR Zakah include: Card payments, Standing Order, Direct Payment, donate by Cheque or online at www.karimia.com/donate

For further information check out the website www.karimia.com

Donate Today, make a difference.

Ramadan Kareem!


Campaign Ended

Naser Hussain

Karimia Institute
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Founded in 1990, Karimia now has six masjids in different cities within the UK. Voted UK's charity of the year 2020 at the British Muslim Awards ceremony, Karimia is an innovative Dawah organisation whose objective is to promote the message of the Majestic Qur'an. Karimia works with individuals and organisations from different backgrounds and beliefs, to promote equality & diversity, remove misconceptions, improve understanding, and help create a better community.
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