LOROS Hospice Charity Cycle Challenge

On Saturday 5th September 2020, a group of cyclists are riding 90 miles for a cycling challenge from Leicester to Skegness to support LOROS, a hospice for terminally ill adult patients, their family and carers.


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Leicester, United Kingdom (UK)

LOROS Hospice is a local charity and every year care for over 2,500 people across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland providing free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill adult patients, their family and carers.

Read more about the Care that LOROS provides at www.loros.co.uk

The challenge

To support the work of LOROS, our cyclists, on Saturday 5th September 2020, will be riding 90 miles in one day from Leicester to Skegness.  We will be joined by cyclists from our national group to support this amazing charity.

Why are we doing this

The Almighty has bestowed upon us good health, and for this, we are forever grateful.  Our aim is to help those that are less fortunate than us and we believe that charity should always begin at home, to our neighbours.  Through this charity ride, we hope to support LOROS so that the community can continue to benefit from the amazing and tireless work that they are doing.

Some of our riders have had their loved ones looked after and cared for by LOROS, so for them, LOROS is very close to their heart.

How you can help

Please support us with your donation.  Our target is to raise £5k with your help

Remember that if you are a UK Taxpayer, please remember to select Gift Aid.  This will allow LOROS to benefit a further 25% from your donation, at no cost to you.

For further details, or if you have any queries, please contact Shabir Patel, our team organiser on the link below. Shabir has regularly organised annual charity cycling events amongst our group and has previously worked with LOROS as well as other local and UK based charities.

Thank you for your Support


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