Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital

The Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital is in need of funds urgently to cover running costs and get out of debt. Your support is urgently needed.

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Chichawatni, Pakistan

The Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital is in need of funds urgently to cover running costs and get out of debt. Your support is urgently needed.

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Assalam Alaikum,

I pray this reaches you all well.  I am seeking your help in paying off the qarz – hasana on the Moin Akhtar Memorial Hospital.  The Qarz was used in running the hospital and costs associated with fundraising. We urgently need your help to free this hospital and so we can serve the people of Chichawatni.  It can’t be expressed in words of how much this hospital is important for the local poor people. We have served thousands of patients and have done deliveries of many children AlhamduLillah, and this was all done for free.

So please help us to continue this great service and it can only be done once we clear this debt.  All we need is 120 people who can contribute around £100 each, they can either donate themselves or collect it from there relatives and donate it. This £100 will go along way in sha Allah.

Once this debt is paid off we can continue to run the much needed hospital In’sha’Allah.

A Facility Made to Heal

Catering to a population that earns less than USD $1 per day, the institution aims to put safety in front of finances, helping reduce mother and child fatality rates in the region. Quality doctors, nurses and dispensaries provided by the hospital aim to reduce unnecessary procedures such as C-sections for profit gain.

The hospital inaugurated its first phase – an outpatient treatment department – in 2011, with wings being added to the 10,000 sq. ft. facility. The hospital has been treating approximately 100 patients a day, providing them with free medicine and skilled consultancies. With the support of our generous donors, the hospital has been providing the best available medicine and services to its valued patients.

Deen Trust will be reopening its fully-equipped maternity ward in late 2019, a project the Trust will be dedicating all its resources towards.

Donations will go a long way, not only to fund this wing but also to keep providing quality health services to those who need it.

The approximate value of £3,000 per month is needed to keep the Maternity ward operational.

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Remove the hardship of Debt. This £100 will go a long way in helping us get this project out of debt. Please help by contributing to this noble cause and remember if you help us get out of debt then we will be able to reopen the hospital in'sha'Allah and you will be rewarded immensely in'sha'Allah. Please take a share and get others to take a share.

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Running cost of Hospital. In'sha'Allah one we've paid the debt on the hospital we aim to open the hospital asap in'sha'Allah. We will need £3000 per month to run this project and we hope you can contribute £100 per month for this or give it in one go for the year. We will only be able to open the hospital once we are assured we have a budget for the year in'sha'Allah, so your contribution will be vital. Please do get in touch for more information on 07845730315. Jazak Allah.

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Bed for the hospital. We will need beds for the hospital as we don't have them any longer. we will need at least 10 beds for the first phase of the hospital. So please do contribute for this and remember as long as the beds are in use you will be continually getting reward in'sha'Allah. Imagine the amount fo prayers of an ill person you will get who is being treated for free in the hospital on the bed you donated. Please never under estimate the reward you will get by donating in'sha'Allah.

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Remove the hardship of Debt. Please help out by donating or raising £500 for the debt of the hospital. Please help yourself or get together with family and friends to get this hospital project back on its feet. We need your support and help to benefit thousands more in'sha'Allah. So please do come forward and help out asap.

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Remove the hardship of Debt. Masha Allah some of us are blessed with wealth and can afford to donate £1000 or more for noble causes, so what better cause than this which helps save lives and brings life into earth AlhamduLillah. So please come forward and help us pay this £12000 debt asap. The quicker we pay this debt the quicker we can reopen the hospital in'sha'Allah and then continue to serve the thousands of poor people in Pakistan. Either donate yourselves or get family and friends to help reach the above target. You can contact me on 07845730315 for more information in'sha'Allah.

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Ultra sound machine. We will also need a new ultra sound machine and with desk etc which will cost around £2000 each in'sha'Allah. We will be providing this service for free to the needy in'sha'Allah and can you imagine the reward you will get for this as thousands of women will be using this in'sha'Allah. So please come forward and help in this noble cause.

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Operation Theatre. This will be the main operation theatre we will use for small to medium operations and for the deliveries of children wether they be normal delivery or C sections in'sha'Allah. I expect this to be taken up straight away as the reward is immense and can you imagine how many people will be cured from here and how many babies will be coming to this world through this room in'sha'Allah. So you would automatically gain all the reward of the work done here by the mercy of Allah (swt) and remember the Quran states that to save one life is as if you have saved the whole of humanity, so imagine how many humanities you will have saved through this in'sha'Allah. so without delay please donate for this yourself if you can or get together with some people and raise this money asap. Jazak Allah.

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Mohammed Ali Din

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