Coronavirus – Packs for the vulnerable

This is an appeal to help and support the most vulnerable members of the community and in particular the elderly, babies, single mothers & widows.

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We need to help and support the most vulnerable members of the community and in particular the elderly, the very young, single mothers & widows.

Nottingham Muslims Care has launched a helpline to support those who have been quarantined at home and who are struggling to cope. We have teams of volunteers available to fetch supplies including groceries or medical prescriptions or simply be someone to talk to during this difficult time.

The Nottingham helpline number is 0115 671 2327.

If you are self-isolating either because you have symptoms of Coronavirus or are worried you may get them and live in Nottingham and need help/support such as collecting shopping/prescriptions, etc. Please call us and leave a voicemail. One of our volunteers will return your call and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

Our Appeal

Coronavirus continues to spread across the United Kingdom and some experts have predicted that millions will be affected and many will die. This is already having an effect on the daily lives of the most vulnerable and the situation is only likely to get worse.

Experts are recommending that people avoid large crowds, stockpile shelf-stable foods in case they end up quarantined, and stay home from work. While this advice may work for those who are able to work from home, for too many low-income people, remote work is not an option.

Many low-income children rely on free and reduced school breakfasts and lunches for their daily nutrition meaning their families will have to find the money for these meals if schools close down for extended periods. At the same time, low-income parents can’t always afford child care when their school-age kids are suddenly home all day. This means they may not able to go to work.

Not only are the elderly the most vulnerable to dying from coronavirus but they’re also among the poorest here in the UK. They are the least able to stock up on groceries and supplies. Shelves are going empty and it is the elderly and newborns who will suffer the most.

We are also preparing elderly packs and newborn baby packs consisting of essentials, which will be distributed to those who are struggling to afford the costs.

Elderly Packs
Cereal, Tinned food, Biscuits, Sugar, Pasta, Rice, TeaBags, Coffee, Milk (UHT or Powder), Fruit Juice, Toiletries.

Newborn packs
We will provide nappies, wipes and baby milk to families in need.

Any amount donated will make a massive difference and show people we care.



Newborn baby packs

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Elderly packs

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