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This is an internet portal built on a directory of masjids which will direct the visitor to a complete fully functioning website with useful resources.

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Campaign Objective

We’re on a mission to help raise mosque communication standard and bring them into the digital age at last.  We’re doing this by providing FREE websites for masjids across the world.

Masjid websites are notorious for their unhelpful and outdated content.  We all know one that promotes services that no longer exist, facilities that are no longer available, and events that have long passed.

That’s why we’ve created – a free online portal that strengthens Muslim communities across the world by improving the way masjids communicate with their congregation.

We can build, manage and maintain masjids’ websites for them for FREE!

Why does that matter to you?

Well, it means your masjid will have a website that’s up to date, easy to use, informative and educational, so you can get the information you need when you need it.

It also means that anyone can search for, and go to, any masjid’s website.  Once they’ve found a masjid, our portal will direct them straight to the website through our portal.

If a masjid has an existing website or domain name then we can easily patch that domain through to our portal causing little disruption to existing users.

We help you reconnect with your local masjid is completely FREE for users, so you won’t ever have to pay to get access to the information we provide.

This website – which is fully managed and maintained by – will offer a wealth of up-to-date and relevant information and exclusive educational content and resources that align with the masjid’s denomination.

For masjids, we offer a two-tier pricing system to enter into our directory

The FREE plan: everything you need to stay in the know

If the masjid chooses our free plan, they have access to the following information:

  • Regularly updated inspiring video content
  • Inspiring articles full of knowledge and wisdom
  • Prayer timetables, so you never miss a congregational prayer again
  • Masjid announcements, so you can get relevant and up to date information on what’s happening in your community
  • Forums to connect with others around the country
  • Current affairs and news so you’re always in the know about topics that matter to you
  • Content that is appropriate to the masjid’s denomination

The PREMIUM plan: advanced features that offer masjid administrators increased control

If the masjid chooses to upgrade to our premium plan, it will get access to the information on the free plan, but we’ll also unlock a range of advanced features for an even better experience.

They’ll be able to:

  • Upload and manage their own content, including sermons, videos, talks and articles.
  • Create a mailing list so they can send regular newsletters.
  • Give access to their online donation feature, which offers a safer, more secure method of giving.
  • Operate and manage a local forum that connects with masjid leaders and other members of the congregation.

This premium tier also gives masjids access to the back end of their website, so they themselves can manage, add and remove the information and content that is presented to their congregation and the local community.

Educational resources that are tailored to your needs

One of the most exciting features of is the free educational content we provide.

With access to educational resources approved by your masjid (and hand-picked by us to ensure it’s sensitive to your denomination), so local people can learn their deen from a trustworthy source in the comfort of their own home.

They can get downloadable videos, lessons, teaching resources, posters, study circle ideas, articles and more; and they’ll be able to use our ‘Ask an Imam’ feature to get all their religious questions answered by your local Shaykh.

Learn from other members of your congregation by engaging with the local and national forums, where they can build friendships and communities with Muslims all over the country.

Help us get this project off the ground

With maintaining, updating and curating all this information and content for masjids, masjid leaders will have more time and resources to invest in their community.

But in order to get this project off the ground, we need your help to raise the necessary funds.

We’ve already spent over £5,000 on Stage 1 of the project, building the database infrastructure and integrations. Now we need your support to get us to the next stage.

We are now at stage 2 which requires further website development so we can build a functional, modern and interactive website.

Stage 3 will require further support to ensure we are able to provide up to date content on a regular basis.

Help us raise £25,000 and join us on our journey.

Every little bit helps.

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Donate £50 and we will send £50 worth of books to a masjid of your choice.

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Donate £100 and we will send £100 worth of English translations of the Holy Quran to a masjid of your choice.

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Donate £500 and we will donate £500 worth of Qurans and books to a masjid of your choice.

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Donate £1,000 and we will give away £1,000 worth of Qurans and books to a masjid of your choice.

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Jamil Chishti

I have been developing an internet portal alongside a fully functioning website to provide to every Masjid in the UK.
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