National Muslim COVID-19 Response

Capacity building and safeguarding British Muslim organisations and communities against the impact of COVID-19 through muscular advocacy and communications

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Less than 6 months since its founding, the MCB’s Public Affairs team has led on the delivery of multiple campaigns and high-level interventions – be it the General Election 2019 ‘Register To Vote’ campaign, or our ongoing rapid COVID-19 Response campaign, we continue to strive to keep Muslim communities and Muslim-led organisations informed and prepared in the face of crisis. Your support will allow for us to grow our small team, expand our capacities to deliver rapid crisis response and, ultimately, increase the number of Muslim-led institutions beyond the scope of our affiliate network we can engage.

Onset of a crisis

Yet to be classed as a pandemic by the World Health Organisation, COVID-19 was already making the news and Muslim communities were forced to confront its spread globally when Saudi Arabia announced the suspension of Umrah travel into the Kingdom on the 27th of February. Pilgrims across the UK were left scrambling for information and advice. The seriousness of the matter was abundantly clear from the outset; all resources were to be made available to Muslim-led institutions irrespective of whether or not they were affiliated to the MCB. MCB Public Affairs switched into crisis response mode, working at absolute capacity to engage a range of experts from within its network of affiliates, arrange a series of consultations so as to arrive at a consensus with regards to our course of action going forth and establish a dedicated COVID-19 Response Group (CRG), consisting of prominent Muslim-led organisations, which would help steer and inform our series of interventions. Our first COVID-19 response intervention – safeguarding guidelines for mosques – was published by the 6th of March, within eights days of the crisis being flagged.

Timeline of interventions

6th March – First safeguarding guidelines issued across our networks

13th March– Safeguarding guidelines translated in several languages and disseminated across the UK

14th March – Premiere COVID19 Community Briefing Call

14th March – Community Briefing published online – all community briefings since have been published on our YouTube channel, see hereherehere & here

16th March – MCB becomes first faith institution to call for the suspension of congregational activities, including prayer in UK mosques & Islamic centres, Mayor Of London acknowledges leadership role 

18th March – Mutual aid volunteer response portal launched

20th March – Increasing majority of Mosques paying heed to MCB call

23rd March – Most mosques have declared suspension of congregational activities ahead of Government lockdown

21st March – Prospect of cremation of Muslim & Jewish COVID-19 deceased arises; MCB begins engagement of parliamentarians over burial measures in COVID emergency legislation, see here & here

23rd March – Burial legislation reviewed by the government, Muslim & Jewish burial customs protected by law, see here & here

25th March – COVID Lockdown Toolkit launchedMayor Of London acknowledges the impact

8th April – Sir Keir Starmer, the newly elected leader of Labour Party, engages MCB

9th April – Government minister signposts MCB’s COVID-19 response work

20th April – Ramadan At Home campaign launchedassociated guidance pack on observing Ramadan at Home published

MCB Public Affairs

The MCB established a dedicated Public Affairs department in September 2019; comprising of a small team of Public Affairs professionals, with a breadth of experience across political and cultural communications, advocacy and campaigns. Within the remit of this highly specialised team is the delivery of community-centric campaigns, with the express aim of increasing preparedness and awareness on select issues of the day. Be it the General Election 2019 ‘Register To Vote’ campaign, or indeed the delivery of our rapid COVID-19 Response campaign from the very outset of the COVID-19 crisis, MCB Public Affairs charts the course and sets the pace.

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Facilitate the translation of important guidance and advice into community languages, including: Arabic, Urdu, Bengali, Somali & Turkish

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Contribute towards the development of guidance and advice based resources for Muslim communities on important issues, including economic & mental health support

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Fund the production of videos, graphics & briefings to spread key messages helping to keep people safe & save lives

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Help fund outreach support for mosques and community-lead organisations struggling with impact of the pandemic

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Contribute towards covering the monthly wages of Public Affairs Officer to support the work of MCB

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