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The New Muslim Project will deliver a preparatory weekend to deliver a course for convert Muslims on the rituals of Umrah, the significance of Islamic landmarks in Makkah and Medina.

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Discussion with a number of converts to Islam from around the UK in 1993, led to the realisation that not enough was being done to identify needs and provide support for those interested in and new to Islam. As a result the Islamic Foundation took the lead and formed the New Muslim Project. The New Muslim Project  has been heralded as one of the longest running projects of its kind in the UK, looking after the needs of new Muslims is headed by sister Batool Al Toma.

The director of The New Muslim Project sister Batool will be hosting a Seerah Umrah Trip in 2020 taking 40-45 converts to perform this unique experience, the minor pilgrimage Umrah. In order to facilitate the trip we are planning to subsidize 4 places for those who may be struggling financially. We also hope to hold a preparatory weekend in the UK before the trip and require your support insh’Allah.


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Support a convert Muslim by pledging a subsidized place on the Seerah Umrah Trip. The trip allows the convert to really learn and value the important aspects of Islam.

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