Operation Muslim Vote 2019

Muslims have the power to decide the next UK Government. Help us to organise the community before the next General Election.


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Muslims have the power to decide the next UK Government. Help us to organise the community before the next General Election.

You Have The Power Decide The Next Government In The Coming General Election

The current government has been exposed as being deeply Islamophobic, racist and xenophobic.

They have systematically demonised and persecuted the British Muslim communities via Schedule 7, Trojan Horse, weaponizing Prevent against Muslim students, families and beliefs.

Many of their current Ministers, such as Boris Johnson, Theresa Villers and Alok Sharma have pro-actively defended the crimes against humanity committed by Israel and India against Palestinians and Kashmiris respectively.

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For nearly a decade, the Tories have ignored and actively side-lined all Muslim organisations that have criticised them. They have zero interest in addressing Muslim concerns.

We need to kick them out. And we can, but only if we are organised.

A General Election is our time to get them out of power and replace them with a Corbyn-led government, that has pledged to recognise a Palestinian state, stop the state surveillance policy of Prevent, stand up for Kashmir’s self-determination and much more.

MPACUK has run 3 General Election Campaigns since 2005. Across that period, Allhumdulilah, we have a 73% success rate.

“Indeed, Allah loves those who fight in His cause in a row as though they are a [single] structure joined firmly.”

~ Surah As Saff, Ayat 4

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Our Approach

We target marginal seats where the Muslim vote is larger than the current MP’s majority vote. In these seats, Muslim can make a definitive difference and have the biggest voices during and after elections.

We focus entirely on MPs that have a record of advancing Islamophobia and/or working against the Palestinian struggle for freedom. 9 times out of 10, such MPs are usually both.

We are the only Muslim organisation in Europe that conduct national elections campaign in this manner. Whilst other Muslim organisations focus on more generic and national call-to-actions, we focus specifically on constituencies where Muslims can demonstrate a real difference and pragmatic power.

This year we are scaling our operations to campaign in 14 seats. These seats are:

  • Southampton Itchen – Royston Smith – Maj: 31, Muslim Pop: 2777
  • Pudsey – Stuart Andrew – Maj: 331, Muslim Pop: 1640
  • Hastings & Rye – Amber Rudd (Minister of DWP) – Maj: 346, Muslim Pop: 1237
  • Chipping Barnet – Theresa Villers  (Minister for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) -Maj: 353, Muslim Pop: 5619
  • Stoke-on-Trent South – Jack Brereton – Maj: 663, Muslim Pop: 3734
  • Bolton West –  Chris Green – Maj: 936, Muslim Pop: 1825
  • Pendle – Andrew Stephenson – Maj: 1279, Muslim Pop: 15579
  • Harrow East – Bob Blackman – Maj: 1757, Muslim Pop: 13471
  • Milton Keynes South – Iain Stewart – Maj: 1725, Muslim Pop: 5670
  • Milton Keynes North – Mark Lancaster – Maj: 1915, Muslim Pop: 6243
  • Chingford & Woodford Green – Ian Duncan Smith – Maj: 2438, Muslim Pop: 6604
  • Reading West – Alok Sharma (Minister for International Development) – Maj: 2876, Muslim Pop: 5023
  • Uxbridge & Ruislip South – Boris Johnson (Prime Minister)  Maj: 5034, Muslim Pop: 7991
  • Wycombe – Steve Baker – Maj: 6578, Muslim Pop: 14493

We are targeting these Conservative politicians because they have a voting and Parliamentary history of working against the interests of British Muslim communities. All of them can be kicked out by the Muslim vote in these constituencies.

We can only campaign in these seats with your help. By helping us reach to £20,000, you help us do just that.

All the money raised in this appeal will ONLY be used for election purposes, including but limited to leaflets, video production, digital advertisement, direct mail, travel expenses and mobilising volunteers.


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Warming the Ground.
This will go to reaching 1000s of people via online campaigning in 1 constituency

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Spreading The Message.
This will go to promoting digital campaigns to 1000s of people in 2-3 constituencies

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Print Truth To Power.
This will go to designing and printing leaflets for 1 constituency

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Let's Go Viral.
This will go to creating 3 campaign videos OR reaching over 700 people through direct mail campaigns in specific seats

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Let's Organise.
This will fund a campaign in 1 seat and we will give you the option of remaining involved at a strategic level in the campaign

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Let's Fight Islamophobia.
This will fund campaigns in 2-3 seats and we will give you the option of remaining involved at a strategic level in the campaign

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