Packed Iftar for the vulnerable

Iftar meals for students, refugees and asylum seekers, elderly and families who are self-isolating during Ramadan.

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Nottingham, United Kingdom (UK)

The beloved Messenger (ﷺ) that “Doing good for others protects one from calamity and charity extinguishes the anger of the Lord.”

Since August 2018, a small group of active sisters from Nottingham have been voluntarily providing cooked meals to refugees and the homeless as part of their work in the community. The amount of food distributed along with demand for cooked meals grew year on year but increasingly from other members of the community including families with children who were struggling. This was the catalyst for formally establishing The Village Food Project.

Iftar Appeal

Every year during the blessed month of Ramadan, we distribute prepacked Iftar boxes to vulnerable people who are struggling to afford a nutritious halal meal but this year we are expecting an unprecedented number of requests as a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 from families who are self-isolating and don’t have the means to get hold of food for their families.

With schools closed and no access to free school meals alongside numerous students, refugees and asylum seekers, elderly and families who are self-isolating, thousand will go hungry in your local community and be unable to break their fasts properly. We need your support to ensure we can meet the demands for these meals.

Ibn ‘Abbas told Ibn az-Zubayr, “I heard the Prophet, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, say, ‘A man is not a believer who fills his stomach while his neighbour is hungry.’”

It costs just £5 for a single healthy halal and tayyib meal and we expect that we will need at least 100 meals per day so need to raise £15,000.

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