PPE for Muslim Burials – COVID19

COVID19 (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment For Muslim Burials

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There is a shortage of PPE for Muslim undertakers should there become a surge of Muslim deaths

We have sourced PPE in accordance with CE / CFDA standard specification.

The supplier is giving at cost price for only £30 per unit. This includes:

1. Full bodysuit
2. Foot covering
3. Mask
4. Goggles

I make a humble request for donations towards buying PPE to help protect our undertakers whilst they wash and handle a Muslim who dies from covid19.

I will be placing the next order very soon.

For general enquires or any Muslim undertakers who need donated PPE’s. Please contact me below.

This item is not for resale purpose and when I receive the items I will personally distribute them to all undertakers in Nottingham and around the UK.

JazakAllahu Khairan


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Complete PPE includes bodysuit, foot covering, goggles and mask.

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