COVID Food Parcels: Brazil

Dawah through Ramadan food parcels in Brazil.

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The Rosa Foundation is raising money for food packages in the following areas of Brazil: Barretos, Paranavai and Embu das Artes. A food package costs £30 in Barretos and Paranavai which are exclusively for poor Muslims, including a very poor Syrian imam who cooks food free for his community.

In Embu da Artes (the community pictured), food packs are £20 and are not Muslim-specific. The Muslims there are very actively engaged in dawah and as the local churches are currently all closed (including one opposite the masjid), the outreach work with the local community is proving even more impactful.

Please specify if you wish for your food parcel to be given exclusively to Muslims.

If left unspecified, there are also very poor sadaqa and zakat eligible people to whom your donation may be given.

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Non-Muslim specific food pack for Dawah

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Food pack exclusively for poor Muslims

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5 x Non-Muslim specific food pack for Dawah

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General Sadaqah

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5 x Food pack exclusively for poor Muslims

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