Refurbish African Mosques

A beautiful project to help refurbish existing Mosques in poor neighbourhoods in Africa instead of building from new.

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Lagos, Nigeria

Islamic Centre Edgware is a sponsor of the Refurbish Africa Mosques Project. The aim of the project is to refurbish local Mosques increasing their capacity and level of comfort for the worshippers. The project started in Ramadan 2019 and has raised just under £20,000 and has so far refurbished 6 Mosques Ma’sha Allah. A simple project that brings so much gratitude and spiritual uplift to hundreds of people, Ma’sha Allah.


With the kind sponsorship of the Islamic Centre Edgware, as well as family and friends from FundAmal like you, we have been chipping away at renovating Mosques in West Africa, Alhamdulillah.

A simple project that brings so much gratitude and spiritual uplift to hundreds of people Ma’sha Allah.

Alhamdulillah we are now on our sixth Masjid as follows:

1. Tioluwa Mosque Apapa Lagos Nigeria – New Toilet Block and Soak away, New Internal Ceiling, New Wudhu Area, Half Tiling of Interior Walls, Painting of Inside and Outside.

  • Status: IN PROGRESS
    Cost: £5,000 (Estimated)

2. Ijora Central Mosque Ijora Lagos Nigeria – New Plumbing, Toilets and Tiling, Half Tiling of Interior Walls New PVC Windows for whole building, Painting of Inside and Outside.

  • Status: COMPLETE
    Cost: £4,200

3. Ijora Workers Mosque Ijora Lagos Nigeria – New Internal Ceiling with New Wiring and Ceiling Fans, New Toilets, Plumbing and Tiling, New Plumbing and Tiling of Wudhu Area, Half Tiling of Interior Walls, Painting of Inside and Calligraphy Decoration.

  • Status: COMPLETE
    Cost: £2,100

4. Ridwanulai Mosque Ijora Lagos Nigeria –  New Tiling of Toilet Block..

  • Status: COMPLETE
    Cost: £200

5. Masjid Istijaba in Cotonou, Benin – New Doors and Windows throughout the building.

  • Status: COMPLETE
    Cost: £2,000

6. Oluwa Tobi Mosque Ijora Lagos Nigeria Market in Lagos Nigeria – Expansion of Wudhu Area, New Bore Hole and Water Tank, New Toilet Block, Painting to the Interior and Exterior, New Wiring, New Calligraphy Decoration, New Block Paving Outside.

  • Status: COMPLETE
    Cost: £5,000

May Allah SWT make this project a means for achieving His Blessings and Rahma Ameen.

Jazak’Allah Khairun for your good intentions, support, prayers and donations.

Refurbish African Mosques

Masjids play a pivotal role within Muslim communities, but without the means to carry out the simplest of repairs and refurbishments, countless Masjids in Africa are standing in ruin and struggling to cater to the needs of the communities in which they are situated in.

About us

For over 20 years, we have worked tirelessly alongside the Muslim community in Edgware to establish the Islamic Centre of Edgware. We value the presence of Masjids within local communities, and so our passion and dedication of meeting the needs of Muslims have now led us to extend our efforts internationally.

We set up this project to support our brothers and sisters across the globe in restoring their local Masjids and establishing them as community sanctuaries.

The need

Unfortunately for many disadvantaged communities within Africa, Masjids have dilapidated over time, and the simplest of repair work and refurbishments, such as replacing broken tiles, updating the toilets and wudhu area or simply painting and decorating the interiors, is not feasible due to the lack of funds. Overcrowding is another issue, which requires block paving outside to accommodate the extra worshippers, especially on Friday. The demand in the local community is so high that incomplete Masjids, without doors or windows, are being used as places for prayer and education.

All too often, we get so caught up with the idea of building new Masjids from scratch that we fail to support our existing Masjids.

First-hand accounts

John Fontain from Volunteer Sierra Leone , has witnessed first-hand how derelict Masjids can attract a range of unwanted visitors. He stresses the need to refocus our energy in restoring existing Masjids and conducting thorough needs assessment before hastening to build new ones.

“As I have travelled throughout the world, I see many places that have adequate Masjid facilities and many places that are in dire need of a Masjid. I remember entering a derelict Masjid in Malawi where I found a pig asleep inside! We need to focus on refurbishing the existing Masjids and filling the ones we have, as well as finding where the real need for a Masjid is before rushing to build a new Masjid as many have done.”

An inspiring story

I read a story by Ajmal Masroor on Facebook titled Return on Investment which has inspired me to continue this beautiful project and invite you to join us Insha’Allah.

Every month without fail, we spend on our worldly life for food, rent, mortgage, council tax, bills, insurance, transport etc etc etc. Thousands of pounds, but how much do we spend regularly in charity for our Hereafter?

If the answer is not enough, join me on this project Insha’Allah. We are looking to raise just £1,000 a month to continue this project in 2020. Allah loves the small deeds that are done consistently.


Tioluwa Mosque in Lagos


We have completed the mosque toilet and installed a soak-away system for the toilet. There is still more to go, your generous donation will enable us to complete the renovation of Tioluwa Mosque





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Replacement of one window
This money will go towards replacing one of the numerous windows that need updating.

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Painting of the mosque
This money helps to re-paint the main mosque area or the wudhu area after tiling to complete the refurbishment of this area.

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Replacement of toilets
This amount will help replace the toilets, which need upgrading, plumbing, tiling and painting.

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Plastering of main hall
The whole masjid needs plastering and this will help transform the space.

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Retiling of wudhu area
The whole Wuhdu area needs re-tiling and this will help transform the space.

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Lighting and electrics
This money will go towards rewiring the mosque and providing lighting.

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Islamic Centre Edgware

A beautiful project to help refurbish existing Mosques in poor neighbourhoods in Africa instead of building from new. A project of Islamic Centre Edgware.
  • 12-03-2021

    Apapa Mosque - JZAK for you generous donations and kind support

    Following our appeal last week. We have been able to purchase the block paving and are waiting for the delivery of the sand to start the work IsA.

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