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Water Relief campaign to help save lives.

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In many parts of the world clean drinking water doesn’t flow from a tap, without it the vulnerable and the young can face serious health risks. Drinking dirty, diseased water is one of the most common causes of death in the developing world and one of the most preventable so with your kind donation you could be saving countless lives for years to come.

Our water projects can help to create a safe source of drinking water for an entire community free of contaminants. It’s also a great long-term investment, because a safe well reduces the community’s vulnerability to future droughts and illnesses.

Your donation can help to provide water projects to 1000’s of people. When we’ve received the full payment for a water project, we can then start to assess the best place for you in your chosen country along with your chosen plaque details. Once your well has been built and is fully functional, we will send you pictures and videos so you can see it in action and find out about the people whose lives you’ve changed.

The gift of a water pump will ensure that families have access to safe drinking water which can transform lives just for £160.00.

Please donate whatever you can, every penny helps.

We at aid humanity work on a 100% donation policy, where every penny is used on the cause, all our flights and hotel expenses are covered by the trustees and volunteers


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