Ramadan Food Parcels and Eid Gifts

Seeds Foundation is providing food packages and eid gifts to the very poorest people of Azad Kashmir

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Pakistan, United Kingdom (UK)

Seeds Foundation has been active in Pakistan since the terrible Earthquake in Pakistan in 2005.

The earthquake led to the destructions of many towns and cities where over 120,000 people were trapped and killed in the collapsed building and left around 3 million people homeless. Muzaffarabad City was severely affected. Nearly 90% of schools, hospitals, roads and infrastructure had been destroyed.

Half a million school children were affected and resumed their education in shelters. After the earthquake, Seeds foundation has supported more than 20,000 children by providing free education, uniform and course books and free medical facilities. We are continuously supporting the orphan and needy children through sponsorship until now. We empower hundreds of children into employment and education and support the deprived and poor communities in the region.

Ramadan Food Parcels & Eid Gifts

Seeds Foundation is running a project for many years to provide full food package and eid gifts to the poorest of poor peoples of Azad Kashmir, Pakistan, there are thousands of families who can’t afford the basic needs of life for their survival.

Each year, in the month of Ramadan, we are providing full month food packages to those neediest and deserving families, who can’t afford everyday food. The numbers of these families are increasing every year.

Furthermore, we are providing Eid Gifts and toys to orphan children on the special day of Eid. We have supported more than 4500 families and peoples through this project with the help of donors.

Please support our campaign to supply food parcels this Ramadan. As you know, the whole world is under threat of the Coronavirus and poorer communities are particularly hard hit.

SEEDS Foundation will distribute food packages, masks and gloves and other personal protection items to those in need.

We need your help us as much as you can afford.

Please donate generously in this month of Ramadan as follows:

  • Ramadan food parcel for the whole month: £50.00
  • Coronavirus Self protect Package per family:£30.00
  • Supporting an orphan for a month: £20.00

May Allah shower his mercy and blessings on you and your family.

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Supporting an orphan for a month

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Coronavirus Self protect package per family

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Ramadan food parcel for the whole month

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