Supporting Single Muslim Mothers

Your support is needed for widows, divorcees and their children, particularly at this extremely difficult time during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Sisters of Noor is a local community organisation supporting widowed or divorced single mothers.

They are more vulnerable than ever as a result of the Coronavirus COVID-19 crisis and need your support. We are therefore distributing monthly food parcels to support our sisters and their children.

For only £40, you can ensure a family has sufficient food to survive the lockdown.

Where they are unable to get out because of self-solation or because of a lack of transport, our volunteers will deliver the package otherwise we will give them the cash payment to source the necessary items.

In Muslim communities, divorcees and widows with children face the challenges of being single women and single parents alongside being stigmatised by society. Single Muslim mothers also are often looked down upon. Women who are divorced are already emotionally repurposing their lives, while for those who are widows, single motherhood comes with challenges due to a lack of emotional, financial (and other) support from Muslim communities. Our aim is to provide emotional, moral and spiritual support to these mothers and children.

As Muslims, we are encouraged to provide support and assist those who are facing hardship and this isn’t just financial but also includes emotional support. Our project is underpinned by the importance of serving those in need at times of hardship.

We have been working closely with single mothers and our consultation with these families has shown that many of the children need emotional support through counselling and wanting to belong. This can be done by providing a space for the families to get together and connect with each other.

Often single mothers families struggle financially and normally we support them with the basic essentials to survive, which include school uniform, food during holidays to overcome holiday hunger and social activities which these children would not be able to access. Right now their situation is more urgent.

Your donations will be used to improve the level of emotional support offered to these families and will allow us to increase the number of families whom we can assist.

Your support is much needed because the children of our ummah are suffering.

We are unable to share images because the families are often vulnerable or request privacy. May Allah reward you for your financial support or your dues.

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COVID-19 Package:
Coronavirus isolation support supplies for a month.

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Emotional Support:
Will pay for us to provide emotional support to a single mother for a month.

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Farah Khan

Sisters Of Noor
Your support is needed for the children of widowed/ divorced women. Help us to raise funds to provide the children basic necessities.