Visit My Mosque: Britain’s Largest Annual Mosque Open Day

Building bridges between communities by opening our Mosques’ doors to our neighbours

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The Ask

The MCB continues to champion inter-community cohesion, building bridges between communities and making friends of our neighbours. We’ve set an ambitious goal to double the number of mosques participating in the next Visit My Mosque need your help to help turn that into reality. From meeting an increase in demand for How to Run a Mosque Open Day training workshops for developing further resources for our participating mosques to draw upon as they prepare to host their local communities, your support will contribute directly to the scaling of our national Visit My Mosque initiative – inviting an ever greater number of our neighbours into our communities, actively healing divisions.

The Journey

Whilst mosque open days in Britain have been taking place for decades, Visit My Mosque is a national initiative started off in February 2015 as a humble attempt by the Muslim Council of Britain at bringing together initially 20 mosques across the UK to hold their open days on the same day of the year.

In 2016 the campaign grew to 80+ participating mosques, includes mosques from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland for the first time and significant national and local media coverage. As more and more mosque leaders and volunteers from across the UK got involved, the campaign continued to grow to 150 mosques in 2017, 200 in 2018 and over 250 mosques in 2019.

Why Visit My Mosque?

In 2018 a YouGov poll found that 70% of Britons had never visited a place of worship other than their own – this, in the multi-cultural and multi-religious British society of today. This needs to change because just as we visit our friends and neighbours at their homes and host them in our home, communities visiting and hosting each other helps break down barriers and builds bridges, trust and understanding.

Visit My Mosque promotes better outreach and engagement work between mosques and their diverse local communities across Britain throughout the year – not just on Visit My Mosque Day itself – as it is essential that long-term relationships grow and flourish for years to come at a grassroots level. Muslim communities are also encouraged to visit Churches, Synagogues, Mandirs, Gurdwaras and other places of worship to learn more about other faiths.

Training Sessions & Resources

Since 2018, “How to Run a Mosque Open Day” training workshops are held annually in cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Wales, Scotland, Sheffield, Liverpool, Blackburn, Bradford, Leicester, Luton and Slough.

The workshops build on the suite of free templates, checklists and other resources that mosque open day organisers can download online. They also provide an opportunity for mosque leaders and volunteers in the same city or region to meet face-to-face and exchange ideas and best practice.





Help deliver more online training and support sessions for participating mosques pre-VMM

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Contribute to design and creation of more VMM resources for all participating mosques

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Help us scale our reach to include more mosques, partners and campaign volunteers

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Contribute to costs of an annual launch event, with representation from mosques across the UK sharing in its success

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Contribute to the delivery of in-person training workshops across the UK so participating mosques are prepared for their open days- volunteer management, media, training & more!

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Contribute to hiring costs of dedicated staff [wages in-line with MCB's Living Wage pledge]

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