Urgent appeal to fund our Dawah work: Support our Waqf Cafe & Kitchen for the poor, needy and non Muslim guests to understand Islam.

We urgently need to complete the City Retreat Community Waqf Cafe and open it to the general public to continue our activities and support the Dawah efforts of the City Retreat Leicester.

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Leicester, United Kingdom (UK)

The City Retreat is a pioneering Muslim founded and run initiative that aims at being The model dawah centre in every UK city. Our first centre is based in Leicester. We house a Mussalah, prayer space, community halls, Garden courtyard, and Cafe run by full-time staff 7 days a week, playing host to community support, safe space for all and recreation services for the whole community.

The Time Community Cafe and Kitchen facility will be a faith backed hub for all people that want to meet and discuss, drink great coffee and eat wholesome food in the city of Leicester. Time will provide income for all activities next door at the City Retreat. We urgently need to complete the Cafe and open it to the general public to keep the City Retreat afloat and offer exciting events, services and a safe space to all its visitors.

We just need to raise £10,000 more to be able to finish our community cafe and kitchens that will serve the poor, needy and our other customers that come along to find out about our faith vision of the world. The cafe will be a wakf for the entire centre. So when you support the cafe and kitchens, you get the reward for all the good work we do in the centre. It will be a Sadaqah Jariah for you!

The Importance of Waqf

The Muslim community has thrived via the Waqf model for many centuries, nowadays we are suffering without having sustainable funding models, if all our centres, schools and community resources ran on the Waqf model, we would be stronger as a body of believers and would have the funds to pay full time staff to run our establishments professionally, this would mean our Dawah, education, and community interaction would be very effective.

Activities are:

Arabic classes
Welcome project for all newcomers to the town
Kids classes
Homeless support
Poverty support
Youth Activities
Dawah classes
Poetry nights
and much more

Support us and become part of this pioneering concept for Dawah in the UK.

May Allah reward you.

City Retreat  City Retreat

City Retreat

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