Winter300 for the Orphans

Please do support my page. I’m gonna ride 300 winter miles for 10 orphans of Iraq. May Allah accept from me and you. Winter miles being significant as this is when they feel the lack of parents and warmth in general even more. Please give nicely as the more people you make happy, the happier (Allah will make) you be…

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Assalaamualaikum and hello.

In the final week of this year, I (and hopefully God-willing a friend or 2) will be cycling 300+ miles from Dewsbury, via Birmingham, Derby and Nottingham then back. It will be over the course of 3 days and hopefully (inshaAllah) I’ll not come back home with frostbitten fingers or toes. Don’t worry about that last sentence as I like to think I’m well prepared for such eventuality.

Reason for the ride, as well as trying to keep myself fit and inspire my little ones as well as you and your little ones to get out there and do, is to try and raise enough money to support 10 orphans of the neediest situation for the year 2020 inshaAllah. For 2020 we (or I) will focus on fundraising for some kids in Iraq. Partly because that’s where UWT – the charity partner – states is one of the more urgent situations, as well as this, is where they are actually able to get the funds through to. Indeed it is a very frustrating day and age where governments and the powers that be don’t like helping themselves and also make it super hard for others to help support the needy as well (yes Boris, May and Trump, I am talking of yourselves.

Why raise for the orphans I hear you wonder, as opposed to the other important fundraising projects. Well, Mohammed (peace be upon him) taught us that whoever supports the orphans, he (the prophet) and the supporter will be very close in Jannah (he held index and ring finger together) and the more I learn of him, the more I want to be in his company in the life hereafter.

By default, you supporting my page am sure would also stand you in good stead for fulfilling that criteria yourself.

Please support me to support them and give generously. Not forgetting that Muhammed also taught that ‘charity does not decrease your wealth’.. Take the challenge and see for yourself!

Thank you and Jazakumullah Khairan

Oh… By the way, for each child, it costs £408 to support for the full year so we need just £4080, please!

May Allah reward you for your generosity and increase his blessings on you and your family.

Please remember to keep coming back for updates and please share our campaign with others.




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