Coronavirus lockdown affected your plans?

Do you know a group, masjid, charity or madrassah that had to cancel their fundraiser because of Coronavirus restrictions?

Just as Muslims rely on Ramadan for their spiritual recharge, our masajid, charities and schools recharge their finances during Ramadan. As much as 80% of their annual budget is raised during this blessed month!

It’s hard running an organisation, paying the bills, keeping the lights on and carrying out repairs. Without Ramadan iftars & taraweeh for fundraising, how can our institutions survive?

FundAmal has a solution – take the fundraising online!

Anyone can create a free online page and start collecting to support their project or masjid. You don’t need extensive marketing budgets or famous personalities to make it work but you do need to have a plan and not just put out an online link and expect to see a rush of donations. You will need to share your link and ask others to share it. Ask influencers to share it too or consider an email marketing plan.

It’s not as confusing as it might sound and you don’t need big marketing budgets, we’re here to help and have a dedicated team ready to work with you to formulate your fundraising strategy!

These are difficult times for all of us. We’re here to help you get through it. This is the time to work together so do take a moment to explore some of our existing campaigns and show your support.

Remember – we are charging 0% platform fees for all COVID-19 response campaigns. Read more.

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“And do good; indeed, Allah loves the doers of good.” (2:195)