Your Guide To A Successful Campaign

Find out how to do the best you can

Preparing your campaign

Have a clear pitch

Explain very clearly who you’re, what you’re raising money for and specifically what the money will be spent on. Transparency is at the heart of crowdfunding and people want to see the direct impact their money will make, so be as honest and clear as possible. Here are some key points to cover when preparing your campaign pitch:

  • Explain the problem
  • Outline the proposed solution
  • Get personal and make sure your tone fits your campaign
  • Tell a story
  • Why are you the person/people to make it work?
  • Make it realistic
  • Explain how your audience/donors money will make an impact
  • Indicate how your project will be achieved and detail the resources required
  • Explain how the funds will be spent –transparency is vital
  • Try adding FAQs with anticipated queries
  • Thank your donors!

Keep the campaign updated

That’s right, keep coming back to update your backers on your progress so far. Campaigns that updated at least three times on Indiegogo raise on average 239% more than campaigns that updated twice or less.

Be proactive during your campaign

Promotion is key to a successful campaign and the best tools for this are social media and email. So before you launch your campaign, put together a strategy for email outreach as well as social media outreach and/or even PR if possible. The next section will take you through this in more detail.

Marketing your campaign

Have a strong communications strategy

Ask yourself, how are you going to share/communicate this campaign with people? Will you set up new social media channels and Facebook pages? If so, do this before you launch and start engaging with people who you think will be interested in your campaign.

Plan a soft launch

This is the part where you engage with a select number of bloggers and influencers who are active in a sector related to your project. Do this through the social media channels you’ve set up for your campaign, and do it before you launch! This way, they will be more likely to take the time to look at your campaign. They may even agree to share it, write about it and eventually contribute when the time comes.

Target your own networks first

The first 30% of a crowdfunding campaign will typically come from your own community – regular donors, friends and family. When you’ve hit 30% on your campaign, that’s the time to publicise the campaign to the wider public. While sharing your campaign with your own networks, don’t just limit yourself to social media. Take advantage of community groups and/or recreation centres, local media, and mosques. Always ask and encourage others to share your campaign. 

There’s a theory that if you have a few ‘project supporters’ on your page then others will feel more encouraged to join in with the crowd. Encourage friends and family to support as soon as the project goes live so that by the time you send the information out to your wider community, there’s already a good number of people on board.

We can help with your marketing

Most people find that the hardest part of a crowdfunding campaign is reaching out to a wider public. This is where we can help you. Here are some of the ways we can help your campaign reach the masses:

Email - We can send these out to hundreds of thousands of opted-in UK-based Muslims, from as little as £250 upwards

Google Adwords - You should look to allocate a minimum budget of around £500 upwards, and assume that our specialists will spend no more than 15% of this budget to handle the management of the campaign

Social media - We can create engaging content for your campaign and post them as regularly as you require over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. This service includes hard-hitting designs and galvanizing copy and will cost you around £300 per month. Boosting posts over Facebook or Instagram will have an additional cost.

The FundAmal team have committed to promoting 5 exceptional projects every month, using our own time and resources. If you believe your project is the bees-knees and deserves to be one of our Five Featured Campaigns of the month, persuade us!